Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ambassadorial Regalia

You are an ambassador for Christ.  You are also an ambassador for your husband, and/or your family.

When you are seen, so are they.  In the case of our Lord, seeing Christians is the only way that the World will ever see Christ.

How do you want to portray Him today?
How do you want to represent your husband today?

I know *my* husband gets annoyed with me when I don't spend enough time/money on my own clothes - it's so easy for housewives to end up looking like rag-bags.  I represent him.  My appearance tells other people about him.

You know it doesn't take much money to make a good appearance.  It does take some time and effort - and for me, a little letting go of "but it's not completely worn out yet!"

There is a *difference* in careful, conscious dressing and being wasteful.
There is a *difference* in dressing to represent Christ and your husband (or family, if unmarried) and dressing to advertise yourself.

As Christian ladies, especially ladies in this dreadful world of ours... let's be mindful of the latter.  Our Lord CREATED all beauty, we don't need to be ashamed of it, and we don't need to use it to grab attention.

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