Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beauty Soothes the Savage Hearthy

Today, I gave myself permission to give in to Beauty - and it made my day.

It all started with a bowl...

You see, I'd had my eyes on these bowls for the past six months, and on Friday, my husband and I bought them.  Isn't it beautiful?  Such a lovely shade of blue... and much prettier in person and in focus.

Today, I was having tea and snacks with some galpals in the Secret Garden - and I was bringing the goodies.  So, I decided to use the pretty bowls, even though they *might* get broken in transit (they didn't). 

Having decided to use the pretty bowls, I changed out of my utilitarian tshirt and denim skirt and into my pretty red wrap dress and white jacket.  I pinned on a brooch that BFF's husband made for me, put my hair up and used a rose as my "cover", and put on some red lipgloss.  I know I was just eating cookies with the girls... but why not?

Then I gave myself permission to go to the Secret Garden beforehand and get everything set up.  I picked flowers and made an impromtu (and disposable) bouquet on the tablecloth.

It was lovely.  The girls loved it - and it turned out that one of them had lusted after the same set of dishes for just as long as I had -and had *also* finally given in to temptation this weekend!  But what I wanted to get at was not the effect on the viewer, but the effect on *me*. 

I was feeling fritzed and fried and tired before I pulled out that bowl, but by the time I finished putting on the lipgloss, I was chilled out, relaxed and getting happy.  By the time I finished arranging the flowers, I was in my happy place. 

Beauty matters to me.  It made me so happy just to be pretty.  There's no competition here, just "oo!".  And anyone can play. 

Another friend said today that he'd always be the something of the same young man he was 20 years ago.  I will always be something of the same girl I was years ago.  The girl who spent an hour every Saturday filling vases around the house and getting all the flowers arranged "just so" is never going to stop being part of who I am.  The girl that smiles when she sees a pretty pair of earrings or squees when her friends wear that perfect shade of green, the girl who went to Sunday school and strolled arm-in-arm with her bestie ... she's always going to be part of who I am.

Beauty... matters... to me.

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