Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colors and YOU

Personally I am a proponent of the basic "Color Me Beautiful" school of color philosophy, with some additions/subtractions - and the absolute caveat that we're talking about the first edition, not the second edition with the transitional seasons.  (I know a couple of people who are in transitional seasons, but it's much easier to start with one basic set of colors and then add or take away just a few - besides, transitional seasons tend to be a transition for a reason, not  your permanent existence). 

Regardless of what school of color preference determiner you use, the way it works is that it makes *you* look better.  How you tell if a color is right for you?  Put it up to your face, without makeup - and without hair dye.  If you've dyed your hair a color other than its own rightful color at about 21 years of age (I was a blonde when I was born - that totally doesn't count!), you'll want to cover it up.  You hold the color up - if it makes your blemishes disappear, your skin brighten, your eyes pop... it's "your color".  If it makes you look worse, it's not your color. 

Some folks are better at looking at this than others.  It's a plain fact that some people can see color variations that other people can't.  You've seen (and maybe done) the color perception test... it's that kind of thing.  No fault to you if you aren't one of the people who can see it - you just shuffle around your friends until you can find one who is talented in this area.  In my friend groups, I'm usually the one who does this.  It brings me joy to do so, I love seeing my friends looking their best.

The really bad news for most folks is that... sorry guys... most people don't look good in black and white.  If you're one of the ones who truly makes those colors work, the easiest test in the world is wearing them together.  If you can wear a plain white shirt with black slacks, or a black and white stripe and not look like you need a serious lipstick and eyeliner transfusion... well, then you feel free to wear them with abandon.  The rest of us have to be *very careful* with them, and that confuses a lot of folks.  (Those who can wear them are Winters, by the CMB rules).  (Oh and yes you must do this test without a shred of makeup or jewelry and you must cover your hair with a towel.  We all know blonde hair contrasts nicely with a black dress... but what does it do to the woman underneath?)

I'm not sure where to take this from here... shall I discuss the seasons or go into the neutrals  plus accents? 


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