Sunday, May 1, 2011


Why another beauty blog?
Why another blog about Christian women and “how-to-dress”?

I love beauty.  I love being beautiful.  We, as women, are created beautiful.  I believe we’re also created with an innate connection to beauty.  We make things around us prettier, we make ourselves prettier.  At least – we do these things when all is right with our world, inside and out.

The world around us, dear sisters, is ugly.  I don’t have to tell you that.  You have eyes.  Individually, we can’t do much about that, but together?  Can we not emit a sweet fragrance of loveliness that draws a world-weary public to us – and thence to our Lord?  What if – Christian women were sweet flowers in a bed of thorns?  Kind, gentle, smiling, sweetly scented. 

I am not speaking of sexuality.  The connotation of feminine beauty and sexuality has done much to damage beauty and her reputation. 

My goal, when I dress to go out, is to be like a flower.  I don’t want to incite lust – what I want is to incite delight, if I am noticed at all.  “Oh – pretty!”  Little girls used to have that squared away, but we have brought them down as well, and now it seems only *very* little girls are allowed to simply be pretty, enjoyable to the eye. 

It is, in fact, entirely possible to combine prettiness and modesty!  We will be tackling that on this blog.  *I* will be tackling that in real life. 

Let us bloom together!

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