Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Personal

I've been very... editorial... in the first two posts.  That will be some of my writing here, for sure - I have a lot of thoughts on beauty, and I notice them being shaped as I write about them.  The Lord just won't leave me with a bad concept, not when I'm about to make it public anyway!  (Which is *awesome*). 

But we have to get personal as well - and hey, Candy* ( is running a week of feminine dress - so why not put up some pix?  And then my self-critique.

Here's today: 

Things I like about this:  I love the colors.  Happy about the beaded belt... that's pulling the coral and turquoise together well.  (Be warned, I really like two bright colors in one outfit, and turquoise and coral are my two favorite colors). 

I'm not excited by my hair - but pulling it all back is practical, it's 85 today.  I do have it "covered" by a large double comb over the crown of my head above my bun.  I'm not happy with the expression, or the weight - but I'll work on happier faces and am working on the weight too. 

Here's the shoes (and the bottom of my skirt, lol).
I have a bad foot, so it's flats only around here, and no flipflops (cry).  But it's warm most of the time and I run to warm feet... so yesterday I went out looking for walking sandals.  Picked up two pair.  I'm thrilled -more thrilled at how well everything in that store fit my feet, I will definitely be back.

....I am editing Feminine Dress Week to one post so it's not so overwhelming... I don't want this blog to be quite so "look, pixies of Hearth".  It's supposed to be more philosophical and general....

This is my new go-to dress.  I made it up for Easter. 
It was hard to make - this took me three solid days of sewing and cutting.  Or was it four?  At any rate... not easy, but I'm looking forward to being able to wear this for a very long time, in a myriad of ways.

In this pic I'm not all gussied up for Easter, I'd just finished it.  Covered with my favorite cover - a brown lace headband that matches my hair almost perfectly.
This was the first dress I ever fitted... while it's far from perfect, it's still a great dress. 
Making your own clothes is fun and easy - I highly recommend it.  Um.  Maybe not "easy".  But it's fun and you learn so much.  And you get to have *so many more * options.  This is a classic dress - it came out in 1952.  It's a wrap dress, falls over your head like a serape and buttons in front and back.  I've made two so far. 
Here's today's outfit.  Today's itinerary - dentist, errands, go watch the spelling bee that my son is in this afternoon.

This is my favorite skirt.  As I've been making my own clothes, I've been taking mental notes about what works and what doesn't - and why. 

This skirt works because of the length and hem width.  You see in the picture that I have very wide shoulders (and am quite short).  Thus, the long skirt with the wide hem balances my upper body perfectly. 

This skirt has a few flaws - I got overambitious with fitting the yoke - it fits like a glove, but doesn't work with the skirt as a whole.  Another flaw is fabric selection - this fabric is *so soft* and *so comfy* - BUT it faded at least three shades within a month of use, and it's such a soft fabric that my zipper looks odd.  A much shorter zipper will be in order next time. 

Here I am wearing the shirt over the skirt.  Generally I do it the other way 'round, to emphasize my nearly-nonexistant waist.  Even when I trim down (God willing), I have a very small hip-to-waist ratio, so I either emphasize my waist or add significant poundage.  But this tshirt is fitted enough that I think it works.   Anyway the tshirt fabric is thicker than the skirt, and that just looks odd tucked in.  (Another lesson in fabric selection!)

Now, picture me in "standard American dress" - jeans and well, probably the same shirt.  ;)  Suddenly you're seeing all the parts of my body that I like least, and focusing on them - sooooo unflattering.  I wish I could say that I am dresses-mostly because of religious reasons, but it's because I really don't like pants.  (I am honest for religious reasons - grin)

This week of posting pix of myself in my daily clothes has made me want to significantly up my game.  I'm *always* dressed in skirts, but clearly I could do a bit more in the accessories department. 

Today's cover was the brown net headband and I'm wearing sandals.

* Since I've posted this, someone got all hater on Candy AGAIN, and she took down her site AGAIN.  So not cool.


  1. Thank you for joining me for Feminine Dresses/Skirts week. :-) I love the colors in your outfit. Very pretty.

  2. nice colors, I like bright colors, too! I love the color on your toenails. I think I'm going to paint mine that color very soon...


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