Thursday, May 19, 2011

Must Have Item #5: The Apron (and notes on daily clothing)

Just because we, as housewives, do a lot of dirty work, doesn't mean that we can't be pretty or well put together.  Besides, none of us is spending all day every day scrubbing toilets, painting, or doing substantial garden work.  So you probably do need one or two ratty outfits for bleaching, painting, washing the dog... etc.  (If you do a lot of whatever it is - like outside work - and your budget allows for it at all, give your task the dignity of proper clothing.   Heavy boots for working outside/with animals, comfortable garden dungarees for hours in your acre garden, etc). 

Beyond that - you can dress nicely.  Of course you should be dressed washably, particularly if you have small children or babies.  But folding laundry, cooking dinner, dusting... these aren't grubby chores that are going to ruin your clothes.  You can be cute, you can be pulled together.  You can be well groomed and neat.  Your clothes can match and be more or less in style.

Today's must-have item?  An APRON.  Not one of those cute little things that they sell in the vintage outlets and not one of the "kiss the cook" aprons made for a man.  Oh no.  You need a proper apron that covers all of *your* chest (aprons that cover only one side at a time are the bane of my existence) with a long enough skirt to cover whatever you wear on the bottom.  (I have ruined more skirts loading the dishwasher than any other task).

Aprons can pull your outfit together and protect it.  They can keep dirty little faces from staining your good clothes and help you hold the "just a couple" of whatevers that you're bringing into the house.  They are excellent for drying your hands in a pinch, holding your handkerchief, and confusing door-to-door salesmen. 

And aprons are where you can really indulge your taste for whimsy.  If you don't sew, they sell them on Ebay and Etsy and one can find them for reasonable prices. 

And to top it all off?  An apron means that you don't have to change out of your pretty clothes the instant you walk in the door.  You can stay gussied up for your husband!  Imagine that...


  1. I like what you say about the dignity of wearing the right clothes for the occasion, even if it's a grubby chore.

    I also like aprons because they help me differentiate between when I'm "on the clock" and when I'm allowed to relax or do things I want to do.

  2. Steph - I like that, "on the clock". :)


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