Monday, May 16, 2011

Must Have Item(s) #3: The Weather Appropriate Articles

Extreme weather - it happens to all of us.  How many of us are really sartorially prepared for the weather that we *know* is coming our way?

I live in Southern California.  Even living on the coast, I am guarunteed at least 30 days/year of 95+ weather.  Minimum.  Most of that will be with less than 20% humidity.  That's at bare minimum, and much of the summer (aka July-October) is too hot for yours truly.

It therefore behooves me to have clothing suited for hot weather and bright sun.  Long sleeves, light colors, thin fabrics.  Hats.  (Everyone here should own at least one wide-brimmed hat).

But even here, there are days where it is rainy and cold.  I also need something to wear when it's at it's coldest and wettest. 

I don't need gear for snow - but I do need gear for rain.  Proper gear for rain. 

So.  To the "must haves list" add a minimum of one outfit for the coldest, nastiest day you get whereever it is that you live and the hottest and most miserable.  Add a widebrimmed hat, warm gloves, and a jacket that won't let in the rain.  You'll be glad you did.

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