Monday, May 23, 2011

Prerequisites to Loveliness

Beauty can be found anywhere... but loveliness has some prerequisites.

When I want to arrange a bouquet of freshly cut roses - where shall I put it?  Shall I put it on a table piled high with papers and empty boxes of take-out?  Would that be lovely?  Certainly a vase full of roses is going to improve any situation, but will it hit the mark?  No.  It will not.

Likewise, shall I put lipstick on while my hair is unbrushed?  Will a pretty dress help, if the pretty dress is covered in stains?   (Beauty may still shine through... and the effort will not go unnoticed, exactly the same as flowers in a mess - but it's still a mess, and so am I!)

Neatness and good grooming have been left by the wayside in our modern life, and they should be paid some attention to.  Certainly that's not all there is to loveliness, but it's a step we must take if we truly want to hit the mark.

Part of the gift of loveliness is the effort that the giver makes - either a well-dressed room or a well-dressed woman is proof of effort and thought.   Contrariwise, perfection is too much to ask on a daily basis.   Aim high, don't beat yourself up, and slowly the base standard will raise - in either housework or self-care.

Something to mention at this point is that sometimes - certainly for myself - the effort in clearing off the table is something that happens *after* I put the vase of flowers down, because that beauty encouraged ME enough to get to work.   Likewise in personal grooming and other self-care.  *NEVER* tell yourself that you can't have flowers until the table is cleared - put the flowers down and work out from there.   Not beating yourself up while retaining the highest standards is a trick that I think few among us have managed, but it's something to be sought after.

All improvements, where ever they are - are still improvements.

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