Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Style Tool: The Lookbook

A fun style tool is the lookbook.  You are probably all familiar with this from the days of cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them into a notebook.  It's a good plan, but the computer age has done us one better. 

You can save virtually image onto your hard drive and make your montage on a document, then take a look.  Maybe print it, and put your printed pages into your notebook!  I am not advocating stealing other people's intellectual property - this is about personal use.

I find several different looks attractive, different moods.  But when I start making montages I see that they fall into certain groupings pretty naturally.  I have the romantic/natural that forms the backbone of my heartlook, and the chippercute that I find more useful for day to day.  (As an example, in my chippercute lookbook, I have several pictures of the wide, highwaisted shorts that were in during the 40s.  When I trim down, those will definitely find a place in my wardrobe, probably for gardening.  My dresses-mostly wardrobe doesn't extend to activities involving bending over repeatedly). 

When you start making lookbooks, you'll start learning a bit more about yourself, and the things that please your eyes.  What your heart colors are, what moods please you, etc.  It's a great starting place, when you're nailing down your style.

And since we're sharing, this is my first lookbook. 

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