Monday, May 30, 2011


If black is the hardest neutral to convince people that they shouldn't wear, white is the easiest.  And that's something of a pity, because white is the easiest neutral to scootch to wearability.  *Everyone* has a shade of white that they can wear, and that shade of white is usually close enough to true-white to fool the eye of the beholder. 

White brings thoughts of cleanliness, innocence, purity, something unspoilt.  White is for babies, brides, nurses and scientists. 

White varies more than any other color with fabric.  Even pure, brand new out of the factory white - if you hold up wool, indian cotton, polyester uniform cloth, linen and satin... it's all a bit different.  And a year later?  Substantial differences in color. 

I don't wear pure white particularly well - but I'll wear indian cotton and my skin will show through and it works a bit more.  Age cotton a tiny bit?  It's all good.  And again - make white a bit more natural (flecks of brown, undyed cloth vs. bleached) and it becomes progressively more wearable. 

White is an extremely "rich" color - it shows the fabric it lives in off to advantage, and good fabric in white really shines.  It reflects heat, and is great for hot hot weather.  A long sleeved white shirt is a *must* in any sunny climate. 

White - it's all about the possibilities.

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