Sunday, June 26, 2011

Colors that are speaking to me

I was tossing and turning last night, so to entertain myself, I brought up some colors that are speaking to me right now.

It's always a good idea to put those colors on paper - or in some visual media - so you can take a good look at what's going on.  Fashion designers, seamstresses, artists - they all have their palettes.  It's permissible to look at your own, and a good way to see what works together and what just doesn't.

(photo credits, if not my own, will be at the bottom)

Midnight blue.  I am feeling the midnight blue at the edge of this bowl.  Actually, I'm feeling a lot of the colors in this bowl.

Fawn/honey/light caramel... I bought a bit of linenlike fabric to make a skirt with, and I'm looking forward to this foray into the brown family (yeah, this is what that looks like in my world).  This is totally not photographing well.... must find something more clearly this color.This is better.  :)
Cream.  I am always about the cream, but I'm feeling a richer cream right now.
Green!  I am feeling a light clear vivid green right now.  As well as my usual pine green. 

The pine green is in the background here, but I am in love with pink satin ribbons, which is the point here.  :)  Baby pink... girly much?

  1. Another unexpected vivid - and one I don't wear very well.  But something is saying "tangerine!" to me right now.  Who knew?
 This is a good start, I need to look at these and try to find the common thread - other than the bowl, which is clearly making me much happier, visually, than I thought it would!!

*Fabric pictures other than my own are from Vogue Fabrics (  The green is apparently the "green" screensaver for Windows Vista.  The pink ribbons are for sale at Statuary place.  The carpet is from coverdale UK.

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