Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Green is life, it is living things.  Green usually evokes nurturing, growing things, but can occasionally be quite poisonous.  (Green and grey are an almost invariably poisonous mixture, unless one or both colors are very dark, and it still feels a bit deadly.  Not necessarily unattractive, but not a bouncy combination for certain). 

Green has a few neutralish colors - pine and khaki - but is, essentially, going to be a "look-at-me" color most of the time.  Green is not a safe color.  It's a color that people find reassuring when you wear - but wearing it always seems a bit edgy.  Green isn't expected. 

Green is seldom worn on its own, and so it's imperative to pair green mentally with the color with which you wear it with.  It's an emphasizer.  Green + Blue = soothing, watery, calm.  Green + Yellow = Bright, spring, eye-attacking.  Green + Red = holidayesque.  Green + Grey, poisonous.  Green + Black = edgy/dangerous.  Green + White = super clean and springy and young.  Green + Pink = Gardeny, a walk with the roses.  Green is also an emphasizer of styles - and it's *never* forgotten.  Don't forget the nurturing powers of green - can't you just see a mother, in a soft dress in a floral with a green background, or a dark green sweater or skirt, sitting by the playground and watching her children?  Wouldn't that be a wonderfully trustworthy person?

Green is a very powerful color to wear, emotionally speaking.  Speaking in color flattery, green is primarily about Springs and Autumns, but really greens vary so much, it's just best to hold the fabric up to your skin to see how it blends.  Warm/clear? Warm/muted? Cool/bright?  Cool/muted?  Pine works for most women, regardless of skin tone. 

Green dyes beautifully most of the time, but it bleaches out unfortunately. I have a lovely silk jacket in my wardrobe that's been bleached out on the shoulders... probably ought to cut it up for use as a purse.  It's a splendid color in virtually any fabric. 

I like green.  :)  I think more people could wear more green - it's a fun color, and it's a happy color.  So... go out on a limb!  Try some green today.  :D

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