Friday, June 24, 2011

Little things

I'm sorry for being absent... I should write color posts for orange and purple and start on my fabric series.  But today is about other, little things. 

I am *so* in love with vintage lingerie right now.  I saw this picture on Casey's Elegant Musings - it's one of her sponsors.  (And it's been sold, if it wasn't substantially too small for me anyway).  Eeek.  This is soo beautiful. Doesn't it make your teeth hurt?

I wanted to point you to a tutorial for hair, I believe I found it off of Casey's Musings but have lost it... it was great.  I took a picture of my hair up, but it was over exposed (I sat too close to the window) and you can't see any detail.  I'll post it so you get a vague idea.  I felt very brave, being pretty in public (ROFL) but I got several compliments from strangers, which is always a good feeling. 

Something important to hold on to... just because you're not perfectly thin or rich ... you can still have beauty.   What you are beautiful while wearing will change with time, the embracing of beauty need not.

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