Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mistakes were made...

Because I do my own sewing, and because I have such a dreadful time in the stores finding things that suit me, sometimes I end up with some rather alarming outfits comprised of things that almost work.  I'm embarking on this visual notebook not just to tell on myself but to take my knowledge and apply it to future acquisitions.  This is the first installment, comprised of what I'm wearing today.   You can't learn - *I* can't learn - without making mistakes and analyzing what went wrong and how to change things.

You can do this too!  I used the paint program that came with my windows software and made *boxes* to change things around.  Not compex, we're not looking for photoshopping wonder, we're looking for basic line.

mistakes1 mistakes2
I like the color combination - wearing pink and blue together for me is about like a free makeover.   You can't see my face and both colors simultaneously or I'd show you what it does.

First mistake:  The fabric choice for the skirt.  Denim?  Good.  Denim with wee embroidered flowers in a rainbow of colors?  Fabulous on the bolt, not so fabulous as a working item in my closet.  I should have saved it for my 7yo daughter!  (Much of the last two years of sewing has involved learning lessons about "oh that's so CUTE" and why that's never a good item to make into clothing for an adult).

Second mistake:  The length. Finding your best skirt length is a trial and error process... this would be an error!  The process considers not only the leg flattery aspect but your overall proportions.  I'm not un-fond of my calves, although they're curvy... but this cuts me off.

Third "mistake":  This gets quotes because it's not as much as mistake as a total change in direction.  The waistline needs to go up!  I have a long torso and short legs - moving the cut-point up makes my legs look longer.  (Or, since you can't see my legs at all, let's just call it more balanced). 

Fourth mistake:  The small circle neckline isn't good for me.  It needs to be wider - either much wider to the sides or deeper.  This looked "okay" in the dressing room, and I spent $10 for this blouse, but.. meh.  It IS a nice blouse on a hot day.  (Indian cotton). 

Fifth mistake:  I could really use two more inches on those sleeves - or two less.  Not a great place to hit my arm.

Conclusion:  Skirts with high waists and long hems are on my "to sew" list.  Sticking with basic colors for my basic items.  Steering towards higher quality and less-cute fabric.  Interesting necklines good - round and small not good.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Anyone wishing to contribute pictures for similar workup should contact me.  :)  I will be doing these again, and occasionally some good outfit pictures as well.

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