Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Pink is the only pastel that will get its own color discussion, and that's because pink is, alone among pastels, very much not "light red".  Red connotates danger and lust - pink leaves you thinking of rosebuds and soft fuzzy sweaters.  Pink just doesn't read "red plus white" at all - and thus, it gets its own color discussion.

Not only does pink, the most touchable of all colors, have its very own personality, it has its very own colors, from dark to light.  Fushia is pink, not red, and not purple.  So is coral.  Coral and fushia are distinctly *not* red or purple - they're PINK.  Very, very pink. 

Pink is "girl".  Far more so than blue will ever be "boy", pink is girl.  Pink can be, in its bubblegum shades, quite frighteningly girly.  And we read so much softness, sweetness and feminity to pink that some women just won't wear it, feeling that pink is only for little girls.  (These are usually the same women who insist that they should wear rather a lot of black.  Let's face it, pink and black is a somewhat perverse, albeit attractive, combination of colors.  Vive la punkette!).

When you want to be touched, wear pink.  It's approachable, touchable, and soft.  Even the hottest of pinks is less aggressive than red.  Have you ever heard the advice to a soon-to-be divorcee to wear a pink suit to court?  Pink reads defenseless. 

Pink is a fun color to pair with other colors, as people just don't expect to see it alongside brown, red, or even most greens.  And that's a pity, because you can really amp up the softness (or romance) of those colors by adding pink. 

Summers (cool/soft) and Springs (bright/clear) have the most pinks to choose from.  Summer gets the cool pinks, from pastel through fushia.  Springs get the warm pinks, from seashell through coral.  Autumn has a difficult time wearing true pink, although there is a dusty mauve that is quite wearable, as well as some of the softer peaches.  (Peach tends to read more pink than orange, at least emotionally).   Winter has only two pinks - hot, dark, pink and ice pink.  ("Ice" is a color that is purest white with one small drop of whatever pigment - it's very cold, and not at all pastel).  Winter and Autumn will have the easiest time wearing pink in prints rather than in whole garments, or by using fabric to emphasize the coolness or dustiness of the tone (aka satin for Winters and wool for Autumns).  As usual, individual skin tones affect wearability a great deal.

Just because your daughter wears a color, doesn't mean it's not for you.  If your deepest heart craves a little softness... try some pink.

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