Monday, June 13, 2011


Yellow.  Yellow is the color that you wear when you want people to look but not touch.  Come see me, come talk to me, don't put your arm around me.  Casting a play?  The gleeclub chair, perky and cute and everyone's friend... she needs a yellow dress.  Yellow is absolutely the consumate wallflower color - but the wallflower that organized the party and that everyone talks to.

Yellow, like red, is an attention getter.  It's a youthful color in all of its incarnations, and it looks best on young complexions.  (This is particularly true of caucasians - I haven't been able to wear "my" yellow in a whole garment since my teens.  Darker skinned people can enjoy yellow for decades more).  Yellow is a competent color.  You expect good things from a person wearing yellow.  It's a cheerful color - something of the polar opposite of grey.

Yellow is best in fabrics that reflect the tone.  A light yellow should be worn in a satin or crisp fabric, a deep yellow in a wool or fuzzy sweater.  Yellow is best paired with other, cooler colors.  Imagine interviewing a young lady for an accounting position, attired in a grey suit with a lemon-yellow blouse.  Clean, awake, classic.

As someone past the first flower of youth, when I want to wear yellow I make sure it's part of a pattern or a trim.  Imagine buttercup yellow embroidery on a cornflower blue dress - so simple, so European, so clean and cheerful.  Or a snow-white dress flocked with yellow polka dots?  A butter yellow loose-knit sweater over chocolate suede?  Don't get me started.  :D  I can pair colors all night long... and then where would we be?

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