Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Letting the Little Ones Be Joyful

Joy is part of loveliness...

I am working hard, preparing my little girl's wardrobe for back-to-school.  Being generally displeased with the conventional offerings, I do a lot of sewing for her.  Certainly I try for practicality - at least *some* practicality - most of the time, but a girl can't just have practical things, right?  :)

We went to the fabric store, and were wandering about, and she brought me fabric.  It was on sale.  It was her color.  It was sparkly... but is also a linen blend, so it will be cool in the early (and hot!) months at school here. 

So... I made her a dress.  Yes.  It has sequins.  And yes, I intend her to wear it to school, not save it for church (our church tends toward casual dress, particularly at the service we attend).  Yes, it will probably get stained.  But ... she's lovely.  And she's *happy* with it.  She gets to be pretty and pink and sparkly - and how many of us would secretly like to wear something sparkly and pink to work/the store instead of what we do wear?

There are enough years in her life to find classic looks, understated elegance and subtlety.  Now?  Let her have some fun. 

Oh, and I have fun too.  Did you figure that out already?  (grins)

Le picture!

There will be a matching jacket, forthcoming from my sewing machine.

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