Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Loveliness is not just in clothing

In the search for loveliness, we cannot ignore the aspects of life that are not merely external.  Shall I say "merely" in speaking of externals?  I shall... because however important beauty is, inner beauty is much more so.

Things that I am working on now, and that I am interested in, include improvements to my health, and improvements to my comportment.  I am making an effort to have better posture and better manners.  Surely no matter how one is dressed, if one has poor manners and slouches, one cannot be said to have achieved loveliness. 

Loveliness is important.  Our world continues happily on its path to ugliness and disorder.  Putting my attention to the things that I can improve - and then not merely putting my attention on them, but actively working to improve those things which I can control, is my contribution to my own sanity and to the world at large.

I am spending a great deal of time at the sewing machine, translating my vision of beauty into clothing that can be worn.  My flirty skirt from the last blog was a great hit... with me.  It makes me happy when I wear it, and that happiness spreads out to the way I think, act and speak. 

Putting my "back" into working out in ways that improve my posture, thinking of cherishing foods to add to my diet, being more "in the now", spending more time in prayer... these all increase loveliness. 

Someday  I'll write that piece about purple and orange and go on to discuss all the beautiful textiles we've been given in this day and age... but for now, rest assured that though I have been silent, I am not inactive.

More tomorrow!

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