Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Inside, Pretty Outside

Pretty is something that feeds itself.  When I feel pretty outside, I feel pretty inside.  When I feel pretty inside, I do things that foster pretty outside. 

I made myself a new nightgown...

Silk.  Not poly-satin.  Silk.  One of the beauties of sewing for oneself is that one can use much more expensive materials without driving up the final cost.  I'm sure this would have been a $100+ nightgown if I'd bought it - assuming I could find it to buy. 

Silk means that I *feel* lovely in it.  It sleeps like a dream, not hot and annoying like polysatin.  It fills all the needs of a nightgown for a woman like me - it is useful as an actual nightgown, it looks pretty for my husband, it's opaque enough to wear around my children if I forget my robe, and it's soft.

When I wear something like this, I feel like I'm worth something like this.  And then that attitude carries over into my other choices.  I found a pretty nightgown at an estate sale the other day - cotton with some nice lace - that had never been worn.  I picked it up for a dollar.  So now I have *two* pretty nightgowns.  Sleeping pretty!  What a concept. 

If being pretty is a worthwhile objective for any reason... if loveliness is something to pursue... then all areas of life are worth making pretty.  It *is* possible to be comfortable and lovely too, we've just forgotten how it was done.

Silk nightgowns - you have to start somewhere.

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