Friday, November 11, 2011

Mutton Dressing as Lamb

Tonight I'm mulling mutton dressing as lamb.  How old is too old to rehash some really successful looks of your youth?  Must an almost-40-yo wear only sophisticated things, or can  you stay with a more youthful vibe?

I'm a short woman, and I have a sweet face.   (Think Mrs. Santa Claus, only with brown hair).  Other short, sweetfaced women tend toward looking cute well into their post-menopausal years.  There's an adorable woman at the school my children attend, she's even shorter than I am... she keeps her blonde hair dyed, cut pixie short, her makeup on, her heels high (not an option for me) and her hemlines mid-thigh.  Does she look inappropriate?  No.  She looks cute as a bug. 

Sometimes I'm good with that... sometimes I want to look more elegant. 

But for when I don't... when I want to wear the cute clothes... is it weird?  Am I too old?  Or should I just relax and let the cute reign? 

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