Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The (new) White Blouse

It's done!  There were quite a few hiccups along the way.

Remember that I'd decided not to do the big tucks under the bust as in the first version - they were too much and were a touch gauche after some washing and wearing.  So I started things out with no tucks at all but clearly *that* wasn't working:

That's a lot of extra fabric - and I need every bit of waist definition I can get, since I don't have a ton on my own.

I started pintucking, and tucked, and tucked... and I could tuck more, but I do want some wearing ease - nothing worse than a too-tight non-stretch fabric that gapes.

LOTS of pintucks.

The lace I'd picked for my collar melted, I didn't find anything else that I liked particularly... so I left it off.  At the last, I decided to put a touch of lace at the center front, and I think it dolls it up sufficiently.

So with no further ado - my new white blouse.  :)

*Other comments:   Clearly I need a thicker skirt.  This is an unlined faux linen - great for the heat of summer, but obviously not working with this blouse.  I like the shape though, this is my go-to skirt pattern (also it's ridiculously easy).  Anyone know why my zipper does that?  It irons flat as a board.   A new skirt is my next project ... for myself, anyway.  And yes, I probably should sew some "normal" blouses too.  As for fitting, this worked okay but I think I'm going to need to cut the next size down next time, regardless of pattern.  There seems to be less of me these days....

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