Saturday, November 26, 2011

The White Blouse

I wrote about the necessary white blouse a while back, and I stand firm that this is a basic element in any wardrobe, even for those of us whose best color is not white. 

But MY white blouse has seen better days. 

Oh sure, when it was first made, it was pretty fine.  Not perfect, by any means... but for the first blouse I ever sewed? 

But the blouse has seen better days - and had problems from the beginning. Now it looks like this (and yes, it has been ironed recently):

I'm not entirely sure what happened there - other than a serious need for interfacing the collar - but... yeah.  Time for replacement!  And while I'm at it... there are a few things that need to be changed.

1)  I don't wear the belt.  It pulls the fabric all out of line.  It's just completley unnecessary.  Buhbye.
2)  In fact, I almost always tuck my shirts in.  This would be a lot better if it was a lot longer.  (Add 4" in length).
3)  I know that short women should wear their sleeves slightly shorter than most.  And unfortunately I knew that when I put this together.  These sleeves have driven me NUTS the entire time.  (Add 2" in sleeve length).
4)  The turned up french cuff?  Sort of cute, but in soft cotton, forever falling down.  Bye bye.
5)  Bringing up the collar a good bit (2") and adding some simple lace. 
6)  I added the tucks because a defined waist is something that I absolutely require for figure flattery.  But they're overkill.  They're going away at least until final construction.  If I change my mind right before I hem this up... I'll change things at that point.
7) I'm not sure why the sleeves cut up at the point they did... but I will attach them first this time, then put in the sleeve slice.  To my back/waist, not the front.
8) I put an extra inch in the center placket.  It needs a bit more room for balance.

I'm using a slightly thicker cotton shirting this time...

Oh, and you probably want to know what pattern I'm using, right?  :)  Folkwear 210.  I do like the Folkwear patterns, even if they need a solid lesson in interfacing.

So that's what I'm doing. I cut fabric this afternoon and I'll be sewing soonest.  Um.  Probably in about five minutes or so.  ;) 

Hopefully you'll have a finished object to see, with another 18mo of sewing experience utilized, very soon.

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