Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Dressy Evening Jacket

The next project to hit the sewing machine is a lovely little basic that my mom requested as her 70th birthday present. 

Very popular (and with excellent reason) with women of a certain age, the dressy jacket is a staple of the holiday/special occasion wardrobe.  One lovely jacket can take you through years of wear.  It can dress up a nice pair of jeans, sparkle up a pair of utilitarian slacks, or imitate an evening gown with a chiffon (or satin) evening skirt. 

Usually these jackets have black backgrounds with either brocade, embroidery, or jeweled enhancements.  Less is *not* more with this jacket - the jacket *is* the accessory. 

Mom has chosen black covered with silver brocade for her jacket.  It's going to go splendidly with her dark brown and silver hair.  (She's a Winter, so the cold colors look wonderful on her). 

While the evening jacket is most aligned with middle-aged and older ladies, there is no reason that younger women can't enjoy this classic style.  Younger women's statement jackets tend to be bolder and brighter in color, and more whimsical of pattern - either that, or they tend to much lighter and more feminine colors, and lace.  These were particularly popular in the late '80s and through the '90s.   Younger women's jackets also tend to be less formal in structure - as with most younger clothing. 

Regardless of your age, it's a nice thing to have tucked away to make basic clothing instantly fun and dressy.

I'll keep you posted with the sewing progress!

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