Thursday, December 15, 2011

A pause in the action to talk about Aesthetics and Pinterest

I'm trying Pinterest out as an online lookbook.   So far, so good.  My aesthetic is very well defined.  The clothing I "pin" is all very similar in mood.  The "just for pretties" fit in that mood. 

The odd thing is that my "to sew" projects *dont'* fit that mood, they're much more structured.    My aesthetic tends to be art nouevea/edwardian/fairy tale and my sewing projects are straight out of the fifities. 

In other words, I think I've found the disconnect and some of the source of dissatisfaction with the things I create.  I need to stay conscious of my organic natural romantic bent - even while paying homage to my figure's need for structured outerwear.

This is the point of lookbooks.  Or one of them.  To see what you are craving, and to figure out how to get that craving integrated with your dailiness.  All is possible, one must merely make it work!

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