Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Waste not, want not - and a project organization help

Tonight was declared cutting night.  I had my blue/grey plaid on my mind and I couldn't shake it loose.  (Mom brought me some wool plaid from her trip to Oregon this fall).  So, off to the cutting table we went. 

Having finished cutting my skirt, I was left with quite a lot of very pretty plaid.  Not - with the grey - a color I want to wear near my face, so not an option to use as a vest, even if my scrap drawers weren't bulging.  But!  My daughter looks amazing in grey and aqua... and I had a dress pattern that I'd altered for her in the fall and that I thought there just might be enough fabric for.  There was!  So ... she'll have a dear little dress, and I'll have a matching skirt.  (They don't match at *all* in style, only in fabric). 

I usually have leftover fabric, what with being fond of long full skirts, so having a pattern or two in my inventory that can make use of the scraps - when appropriate - is a money saver and prevents waste.  (I hate looking at the trashcan after cutting time, and I just don't have the space to keep more than a few drawers of scraps). 

What did I do with my projects?  I put them in big ziploc bags and toss them into my closet to be sewn up at a later date.  A fair few casual dresses belonging to my daughter are still in there, waiting for Mama to decide that her little girl needs to wear tinkerbell. 

Here's what that looks like: 

Lining, fabric, zipper, hem tape and pattern.  All ready to go.  :)  (The bright turquoise is the lining). 


A resolution:  Not to sew anything for my wardrobe that I don't truly love.

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