Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why does it matter if I'm wearing "my" style?

Why does it matter that we nail down our own styles?  Isn't this all a wee bit solipsistic?  Instead of navel-gazing, are we hem-gazing?  What's the deal?

The reason that it matters that we nail down our own style - even though it will continually evolve - is that having nailed down our style, we can forget ourselves in our clothing.  Having brought our style into the outside circle, we can walk ahead confidently, being ourselves, as true fully dressed as fully naked, and perhaps more so.

Clothing tells the world about you, tells it who you are.  So, nailing down what you want to say to the world is a good thing to do.  It's not just the world at large - it's your mirror.  Every time you walk past a mirror - do you look like yourself?

When I wear certain styles of clothing, I feel like I'm wearing a costume.  There's nothing wrong with costuming... but it isn't something that you want to do day-to-day.  And that's what I've been stuck on with some of my clothes.  I feel like I'm wearing someone else's things.  I don't look like me, I don't feel like myself. 

It's been baffling me... after all, didn't I make those things?  But the things that are most costumey are honestly the things that look most like my *mom* or other women I look up to, not me!  F'r instance, I have a lovely pair of button-up shirts.  I made them, so they fit me.  They're in my colors.  I'm quite fond of the buttons.  Everything should work out, right?  But no.  Because button-up, collared shirts. are a classic look.  You think "classic = everyone can wear it", and that's not true.  I look and feel awkward in classic tailoring.  If I'm going to have a button-up shirt, I'm going to have to modify it.  (Right now I'm thinking a collarless shirt would work, but I might have to give that up and stick with buttons up my back).   If I were working in an office I'd probably wear a shell or a blouse instead of a button-down. 

That's also the point of nailing down your style - sometimes you'll have to modify it.  If I were working in an office, I wouldn't have the freedom to wear floor-skimming skirts 90% of the time, which is what I wear at home.  I'd have to find something that brought that femininity (or that naturalness) into the office realm.  (I know how to do this if anyone needs help).   Even in the home, I have to consider practicality - I can't scrub toilets in lace, and it's usually too hot here to wear a wool cloak. 

When  you feel like yourself, you can act like yourself.  Being as true to yourself as possible is a good thing.

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