Friday, March 2, 2012

So Why a Beauty Blog?

What's the point?

I'm pursuing honor, I'm embracing my status as a daughter of God... why a beauty blog?

Because we have no clue how to walk with our heads up, look dignified, inhabit our bodies, and exist in a way that shows the outside world who we are.

*I* have to figure this out.  Why do I crave the elegance of times gone by, why don't I just wear tshirts and jeans or yoga pants and get on with my life?  Why bother to keep long hair or put it up or... make an effort?


Because other people are only ever going to see my outsides. 

How I hold my head - and how I paint and feather it - tells people some small bit about what goes on between my ears. 

Beauty draws people to you, and ugliness pushes them away.  That's reality.  Grace draws people to you, ill manners push them away.  Proper grooming and cleanliness draw people to you, and being dirty and smelly push them away.

Ultimately, I exist to draw people to Christ and to represent Him.  Him.  My Master, my Beloved, my Savior, my Creator. 

In my relations to my husband, the more I ask the questions, the more I find that he is less than pleased when I don't take good care of my outsides.   Why?  Because my presentation represents him.   He takes pleasure in providing for me - he wishes to see me accept the provision. 

If my *human* husband wants to see me inhabit the gifts that he has given me, how much more so does my Heavenly Father wish to see me do so?  Does He not want to see His child act like a child of God? 

Why should I care about this?   Because it's been forgotten, because it's been misused.  Because it's so mixed up with a whole bunch of nonsense that I have a hard time straightening it out in my own mind, much less my own writing, much less my own life. 

Straighten my own neck, lift my own chin, make sure my own nails are clean ... and then show this world how a "princess" really acts.  Let's form the million princess group, and bring back nobility, grace, and beauty. 

Upward.  Onward.  Forward.


  1. "Ultimately, I exist to draw people to Christ and to represent Him. Him. My Master, my Beloved, my Savior, my Creator"

    love this!


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