Saturday, April 14, 2012


I love jewelry! 

Part of being lovely is accessorizing.  I've let that part of myself completely slide in the past years, as I didn't think I was worth the occasional bit of frippery.  After all, you *have* to put clothes on... you don't necessarily have to put on a bracelet. 

You really don't have to spend very much money to accessorize well.  I know that the jewelry companies are all about making you think that you have to spend a mint - but you don't.  In fact, the best jewelry that I have came from independent jewelers.  (Independent crafters are, imo, the wave of the future).

But you don't have to buy the "real stuff" - or at least the "really expensive stuff" to accessorize.  You can find fun stuff at Target or at teenybopper stores or... well, keep your eyes open and a price limit in your head.  :)  I've gotten some great - and heavily complimented - pieces for $5.  When shopping, do keep an eye on production quality.  You don't want to get something that *looks* like you spent $5!

Accessories are a terrific place to let the parts of your clothing personality that your figure can't quite pull off out of the box.    There are no caftans in my future - unless my future includes looking quite pregnant - but I can be a little bohemian if I stack up the bracelets.   I think steampunk is clever and cool - but again, corsets to kid-pick-up?  Not working for me.  I can use a leather/clockwork belt though.

If you've got really basic pieces that fit well and look well on you, accessories, properly used, can change everything! 

Oh, and I fell manifestly in love with this yesterday and yes, I want to put it on pinterest, so I'm going to link it.  Less than $25, I found it at a Native American store - which was chock full of stunning jewelry.  I wasn't going to get it (It was a few dollars more than my usual mental limit for accessories) but my husband laughed at my carrying it around the store and told me to buy it.

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