Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fit isn't easy

I've promised not to fall upon my scissors in frustration, but I will say that I'm encountering an exciting opportunity to learn more about the behavior of fabric in its native habitat.   I did a bang-up job on fitting my muslin, and happily bounced off to make the mark 1.

Here's me in my last muslin.  I look a little annoyed at the fitting burbles, but I fixed them on the way to the Mark 1.  Notice how well the upper chest and shoulders are lying.  Notice the loveliness of the armscye! 

Notice the (grumble grumble) ripples as soon as I got the flash hooked up and moving.  Bah.

But the Mark 1 was going to be better!  And it *was*.  So much better.  And the fabric, lush.  Only, the leftover bits that I decided to line it with didn't flex at all... And then I sewed the lining TO the fashion fabric, and ... yuck.  Everything I worked for here that looks so good?  Awful.

I'm ripping the whole thing out, every stinking seam, and resewing it.  I'm also going to be tossing the broadcloth that I'd lined the Mark 1 with and replacing it with batiste.  (I know, broadcloth.  What was I *thinking*?)

But I did non-sewing things today in my real life, so ... not today.  I might rip a seam or two tonight.  Maybe.

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