Sunday, April 22, 2012

You *can* wear any color

I know that those of you who know how much allegiance I still have for the Color Me Beautiful system of seasonal color will be sitting by, shocked, at this title.  Never fear!  I haven't lost my mind.

However, my cat Gigi decided to give me a bit of education and example today. 
Scarlet and brown?


But ... the person who wears scarlet doesn't look well in brown, and vice versa!


Ah, but what you do... if you have a Winter (cold/clear colors) who looks fabulous in scarlet but wants to wear brown?  You give her coldest, darkest brown accessories and a taupe neutral to bring the mood of the scarlet down.  You use the emotions, the evocative mood of the clothing to make it appear that she is wearing brown.

If you have an Autumn (warm/muted colors) who looks splendid in virtually every shade of brown?  You mix a cocoa colored dress with a ruby cuff bracelet, or possibly a scarlet leather belt.  (Even the most scarlet of scarlets will be muted by being on leather).

Everyone *can* wear every color... everyone can simply not wear every color in large doses, particularly next to their faces.  (Although you will not find me wearing a cobalt blue skirt anytime soon!)

Colors all have moods, things which they evoke from the viewer (and the wearer) and you can bring that emotion out and use it to make the person "feel" like they're wearing a color that they normally cannot pull off. 

Thanks, Gigi!   

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