Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Suit a la Gertie

I am very excited to say that my big summer/fall project is going to be sewing a suit!  I have signed up for tailoring lessons online, via Craftsy.  This is a huge step for your faithful correspondent - I've only made a few things out of wool, and I'm still working on nailing my fitting. 

But when I saw this suit on Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing, I fell madly in love.  It's perfect!  Feminine fit, not fussy in the details, and a full skirt.  Well.  It's *almost* perfect, because a full circle skirt out of wool is a wee bit much for me to carry off.

This is where knowing your body and what works and what doesn't fits in.  While my lack-of-hips is something that I generally work around with a full skirt, I don't want the bulk on my abdomen that a circle skirt provides.  What to do?  Well, I surfed around on the internet a bit, and realised that a six-gore skirt might be just the trick.  It can be made quite full on the bottom (I need balancing out) but remains flat over the upper belly.  (I have a pinterest board up for all my musings: which has pictures of the various items under discussion)

I'm going to be remaking a six-gore walking skirt that I have in my closet, so that should be a good trial for flattery, and I need some summer skirts in general, so between the two, I should *hopefully* get a solid idea of "will this look good" well before I touch scissors to wool.

Oh.  You want to see?  Yes.  Of course you do.  I found the most beautiful geranium-colored melton wool.

And no, no one touches the wool with anything until we're very very certain about what comes next. 

Off for a busy week... I hope to sew soon!

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