Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seasonal Colors, Finding Yours (the crib notes)

Sis asked, "How do I know what season I am?" and I thought that deserved its own reply post.

First, start off on the sidebar -

Next:  If you don't want to buy the book (remember: the first version only, with four seasons, not 12), I'll give you the gist.   (The book is nice, if for no other reason than you get a full palette of 'your colors' - and there's a good chance at finding it at a used bookstore, since it dates from the early 80s).

Having gotten some bits of fabric in radically different colors and sorted things into "that looks nice" and "oh dear, am I coming down with something?" you then put the colors that work well into a general category.  Winters wear cold/clear colors - white, black, clear greys, jewel tones (ruby, emerald, sapphire).  Springs wear warm/clear colors - turquoise, coral, light navy.  Summers wear cool/muted colors - soft greys, navy, all the true pastels (pink, baby blue, baby yellow).  Autumns wear warm/muted colors - browns, forest greens, orange. 

There will be crossover!  I have very vivid coloring, and I've gotten tagged as both a Summer and a Winter, while I am actually a strong Spring.  How did I tell?  I pulled up lavender (Summer) and black&white in a stripe (Winter) and tried them... awful.   I would say that those would be great check-colors, and straight pumpkin orange (or Hershey brown) is a good check for Autumn.  For Spring?  Probably a greenish-super-bright-turquoise, which is just going to be a bit *much* on everyone else.  Springs can wear the most outlandish colors... even more so when they're young.  I used to actually look *good* in electric coral.  I know, scary stuff. 

When you're sniffing down the trail, a starting point can be your original skin and hair color.  Are you warm or cool toned?  You flip your arm over and look at your wrist - is it ivory or pinkish?  Is the palm of your hand corally/peach or more of a true pink?  That will help you aim for cool or warm.  Usually redheads are Autumns.  Sometimes you'll find a Spring who's a strawberry blonde or auburn au naturale, but the true redhead is an autumn.  Black hair, like a raven's wing?  Winter.  "Mousy" hair?  Probably a Summer.  (My 8yo's brown hair has a silvery-grey cast to it). 

Then you're looking at your natural self - are you high or low contrast?  Winters look great in high-contrast colors!  So do Springs - I love to rock blue and red or green and pink.  Instant makeup.  :)  Autumns and Summers, not so much - but they make quiet colors amazing.

Hope that gave you a start... 

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