Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Try

Sorry for the lack of posting... busy season in my life right now.

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you need to figure out how to make lemonade.  All of us would like to say that we swish around the house in our most glorious clothing all the day long - but it's not true.  Sometimes you have to go weed the garden, paint the house, clean the toilet... and sometimes  you're just not feeling all that great and you need the snuggly stuff.

The secret to looking halfway decent in these times is to pre-plan.   Find clothing that shows off some other bit of you than normal.  When I'm doing yard work, I tend to show off my muscles.  (Yes, I have muscles.  I didn't ask to be built like an Irish barmaid, but there you are).  I wear a short skort and boots and show off my calves.  Why?  Well, I'm working - so I want to look like I'm working.   Wearing colors that make your skin look good is always a plus.  Sure, you might be wearing something paint-splotched, but if it looked good on you before you dumped the paint on it, it still doesn't look *bad* on you... just  paint-y.  Instead of your normal hairdressing, braid yourself some pigtails and put on a jaunty bandanna.  Your hair will stay neat and out of your way (thousands of years of working women can't be wrong) and you'll look cute and intentional.

That's the whole point, really - look intentional.   You can look absolutely adorable in your work-wear, if you go all the way and work it.

When you're sick - well, no one looks good when they've got a cold.  I know that wasting away with tuberculosis was once somewhat in fashion, but those days are long gone.  I have a cold this weekend and I was thrilled to find that one of my sweaters that normally doesn't do that much for me is perfect for sloughing around the house braless.  I paired it with a cami-tank for modesty and a long skirt for proportion... and suddenly I didn't look too horrible.  (I still didn't look *good* - grey skin and a red nose are never in style - but I looked like I cared). 

Again, it comes down to pre-planning.  Is your big fluffy bathrobe in good shape?  Your snuggle sweats or flannel nightgown - are they in good repair?  New-ish, no stains?  It's easy to let the items that we wear once in a blue moon languish until charity shops wouldn't resell them, but it can be important for your morale - and that of your family - for you to look pulled together, even when you're just wandering out for some cold medicine and another cup of tea.

I have the worst problem when it comes to this... I came from a family that wore things until they were fit for the ragbag.  My standard, when I'm sorting, is "if I donated this to a charity - would they just throw it away?"  If charity doesn't want it... I shouldn't be wearing it.

Anyway.  Super busy month... I have a ton of sewing to do and am planning a big trip to the garment district in LA next week.  I will keep you posted, at least you should enjoy my fantasy sewing.  :)  The fitting shell languishes - I've been too busy with life to give it the mental and physical energy it will need to be nailed, and that's the point - nailing it - so I am not going to go with second best.  Not this time.  Also working up some ideas for my (almost) 8yo in regards to her wardrobe - as usual, she's going into summer having thrashed her school stuff nearly completely.   Little girls should be just as pretty as big girls!!

All the best.....


  1. Work your lounge-wear to make it cute. Love this, I just got rid of a bunch of stained shirts the other day. I hope you feel better soon. I've got a plum cami and grey yoga pants on right now. I'm avoiding buying white shirts after one of your last posts (I don't think it is my color) I also wear a lot of black, but I'm not sure it is a good color for me either now that I think about it. How do you figure out if you are a fall, summer, spring or winter?

    That's fun that you make clothes for your daughter, mine only want to wear horse t-shirts lately.

    1. Oh my daughter prefers Ready Made to wear to school. Much to my disgust. She lives in her sundresses at home - the "free" ones I made up out of scraps, of all things. Occasionally I have to get them back from her to mend, she sleeps in them and rips out the gathered seams. (!)

      I have a couple of posts on the sidebar about colors... but I will write up a separate blog post for you on how to figure out (more or less) your good colors. :)


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