Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Crossover

This blog is primarily where I write about my thoughts about fashion, about being lovely, about the purpose of beauty in our sad world.  Sometimes I also talk about personal things, like what's on my sewing table and how I'm applying the guidelines that I've picked up over the years to my life, my style, my body.  (Or my daughter's!)

I've thought, here and there, about making this more personal, talking more about my sewing processes, talking about my figure issues at length, etc.  But that's really not what this page is about.  I do write about that - I have another blog (hearthrose.xanga.com) and I blather on about whatever's on my mind that day, whether it be theology or hemlines. 

In fact, I have a blog series over there that I need to de-personalize and post here on sorting and cleaning out the closet and making a wardrobe plan. 

So, if I'm not here a ton, it doesn't mean I've disappeared, it just means I haven't had anything topical to say. 

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