Sunday, June 17, 2012


You know, being in a lovely space is all about working with what your life and what you will actually wear.  In my fantasy life, where there are ladies' maids and leisurely living is the default, trailing sleeves and skirts on the floor are de rigeur.  I don't actually *live* there, so I have to make adjustments to that fantasy!

I'm thinking right now about inserting soft bras into some tshirts and/or tanks to wear around the house.  Usually I hate the shelf-bra thing, but that's because they don't fit or offer anywhere near sufficient support.  But if *I* sewed them, and made them from fabric with a bit more oomph (I'm thinking the inner material on swimsuits) and to my size (so they don't drag down my necklines), that might solve the "my shoulders are really tired but I don't really want to be braless" quandry.  Well.  I usually DO want to be braless, but it's not nearly as flattering, and my son is getting to the age when that's going to be embarrassing for him.   I could also sew some of the shirts from stretch velvet, which would make my husband happy.  (He likes soft fabrics).  If I made some matching elastic waisted peasant skirts, that would take care of the bulk of my loungewear straightaway.

That's one category of loungewear - the first thing in the morning/casual around-the-house hanging out outfit.  The other category is apres bath.  I don't know about you, but one of the beauties of life is having an early evening bath and then hanging out and reading or chilling out online with some friends.  (Morning people - they like to get ready for bed *early*).  Because I do have children, I'm not going to be lounging around in a sheer negligee.  Also, if I had an afternoon bath and wanted to be deshabille for a few hours, I don't want to have to shut up the house lest my neighbors catch a glimpse. 

I'm thinking the solution is a kimono - loose and comfortable, yet formal and covered up enough that if someone comes to the door, I don't have to go hide in my bedroom.  It might be a bit much.  I'm still thinking.  (In the meantime, I found a source for vintage kimono online). 

And the last category, for which I do not yet have an answer, is "hot afternoons".  I don't do heat.  I had a thin housedress that I wore for a couple of years.  It was perfect, insofar as my comfort was concerned, but it was sheer *and* rather unflattering.  It's gone now. 

Any problem can be fixed, if only we will put our minds to it.  And - any problem can be fixed for each of us, and we shouldn't accept the answer that "everyone" uses, because usually such answers are not one-size-fits-all.


  1. ugh, the problem of a bra. I'm going without today in a sundress, but if I go out, I'll probably throw an extra shirt on.

    1. I wish I was able to get away with leaving the house braless - in anything except my largest, thickest and most shapeless hoodie, it's not possible.


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