Saturday, June 2, 2012

Skirt Refashion

I've had a dark green walking skirt in my closet for a few years now.  It was one of my earlier sewing projects.  Had I made it full-length, I would probably still have it as a winter skirt, faux-bustle or no.  But I made it "street length" - which turned out to be an odd uneven calf-length.  It had gotten a bit big for me, and I'd been wanting to make it knee-length so I'd have the perfect skirt for St. Patrick's Day - and any other day for this Irish Lassie. 

I made the petticoat (featured previously) just for the skirt, and now I can't decide whether I like it better with or without the petticoat.  Oh, okay.  I can decide just fine.  I like it better seen from the front *with* the petticoat and seen from the side without.  ;)

At any rate, I'm happy.  Creativity - officially unstuck.  And it's a fairly basic skirt, I can do a lot with something like this in the wardrobe.

With petticoat - ignore the tanktop, it went with a different outfit.  Also ignore all the positioning in these poses, I put my arms over my head to get them out of the frame.  I know it makes the hem/my torso a bit odd in turn.

Without petticoat, pictures taken by daughter.

Semi-coincidentally, I scored a white peasant blouse yesterday in a shopping trip to Penney's.  It will do nicely with this skirt.   My "heels" are some very cute mary-janeish things.... it will all coordinate.  In my mind at any rate - we'll see how it runs in the flesh. 


  1. the petticoat does nice things for your waist. Although maybe it is more comfortable without? I love the color of that skirt, very cute!

    1. Nope, the petticoat is extremely comfortable. I made it out of cotton batiste, so it's soft and light and pretty.

      Two votes so far for "with the petticoat". :)

      Thank you!


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