Saturday, June 16, 2012

Toolbox: Digital cameras and your closet

I decided it was high time that I sorted through my closet a couple of weeks ago. 

I have a very small amount of closet space - about 2' of closet rod - so I keep my working closet very well edited. (I stash dressy things and big jackets elsewhere).  That wasn't the problem.  The problem was, as my friend L is fond of pointing out, I tend to default to a certain set of colors.  They don't look so similar while hanging up - but if you get them down and take photographs of the items by group, you can be struck by the similarities. 

I offer you:  Skirts.....

I had a couple of things in the laundry (and obviously wasn't naked when I took this photo) but ... wow.  You really do get the overwhelming "denim blue" vibe, don't you?  (I was probably wearing my long denim skirt... yeah.  I have a problem).
Just taking things out and grouping them is *good* - and you should start there.  But if you have a digital camera, I urge you to take a picture of what you have and look at it on your computer screen.  The distance you'll get is valuable.  Also, it gives you an incentive to walk outside of your norm.  Another blue skirt? So easy.  But even blue-eyed moi can't wear all blue, all the time. 

I did the closet sort right after I filled it in a little bit, and that gave me the incentive to throw away some worn items.  I have a few more in there that I'm just not wearing, exactly because they're "too worn"... and I really should suck it up and take them out.  (My last day-dress... cry!  I need to get to sewing, stat!)  (Not to mention that embroidered skirt... ah, so naive to believe that "cute" fabric would make up into something that didn't scream "I made this").

The other thing that a digital camera can give you is the ability to creatively mix and match.  Somehow our usual outfits just find one another and they stay... and stay... and stay... and you end up a bit stale.  Pull it out, snap a photo, and suddenly those great big garments become tiny and mobile and you're mixing and matching all over the place.

So I did my closet cleaning out - and then I examined my stash, and then I made a "to-sew" list.  In order.  I'm almost certainly going to mess up the order, because I can't live life in the summer without daydresses.  Regardless... I have direction, I have inspiration.  And *that* is how you get out of a slump.


  1. i think you look good in blue. I don't wear blue often, I like dark grey for a neutral. I wear a lot of black too, but I'm trying to tone it down more after you wrote that most people don't look good in black. I used to perform in college and all my dress up clothes were black b/c that is what we were supposed to wear, I guess it became a habit.

  2. I'm not sure what season you are/what neutrals you should wear, having only seen one picture of you - but can you tell if you're cool or warm? Grey and beige and brown are all excellent neutrals - as is offwhite. It's just nailing the shade. Hold lots of samples up before you plunge in. :)

    Thank you for the compliment on the blue. I do LIKE blue... but I don't want to be quite so uniform, lol.


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