Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A week of outfit posts

I'm not entirely sure that I want to be "outfit post" lady.  There are plenty of other people on the web doing this, and it's not like I think that I am the hotness.  In fact, this may be a solution to vanity.  Then again, just looking at this is educational, it really goes over some basics with me and shows me exactly how much styling can make a difference.  Plus, I've made an effort every day that I've pulled out the camera.  Not always an effort with my face - sorry about some of my expressions.  Yikes.

Thursday.  I went out shopping with my kids for Father's Day presents.  Yellow isn't my best color, but I can manage it.  My favorite scarf - it goes with a lot of different outfits.

Friday.  Oh dear, this pose is dreadful.  Shopping again - we were going to go to the Safari Park and I was going to pair my boots with this, but DH wasn't up for it, so we went to the grocery store and I let the kids veg out with some videos.  Notice the all-one-color under the shirt is VERY slimming.  The cuff on the wrist completes the look.  I really hate my hair in this pic!  Lesson learned.

Saturday.  Going to go out for lunch with DH's family for BIL's birthday.  I'm wearing makeup in this picture.  Enjoy it - I don't wear it very often.  Yes, I make this little green skirt work - I was really surprised by how versatile it is.  I'm glad to have my necklace/earrings back... repaired them last weekend. 
Sunday.  Father's Day.  I'm going to be spending most of the day indoors, making yummies for my husband's tummy and doing some sewing.  I wanted to wear something cute for him - although he's mostly zoning out today, so I put on a tshirt from the juniors' department.  A fuzzy picture of this is as public as it's going to get - I had NO idea it would be this scary-tight.  That makes it the perfect thing to wear around the house on a weekend for your husband, IMO.  The skirt is about to go, but makes  a break from endless blue.  I'm trying to do more interesting things with my arms/poses.  Positive of taking the outfit picture?  I fixed a major snafu that looked fine in the mirror but not in the camera.  I'll probably add an apron later, when I bake.  Hat-tip to Alte, we're making the bisquit cake again.  :)
Monday.  DH ended up being home sick, so this is my "I've got to get out of the house for a little while, I'm sure I need SOMETHING at Joanne's" outfit. 

But really this is what I wore all afternoon - my big green apron.  Because it was housecleaning day.  (I clean once a week in a big blitz, then try to keep stuff up more or less the rest of the week).

I get a lot of compliments on the earrings I wore on Monday, so here's a closeup.  $5.  They go with virtually everything and they're fun. 

Replay?  Yes.  Tuesday.  We went to Trader Joe's to get the stuff I get there/the next couple days' worth of groceries, and then we went to the beach.  My swimsuit got giggled at by some teenagers, and I haven't made the one in my head, so swimsuit shopping is in my future.  Sigh. 

Wednesday.  I decided that today would be a good day to use the restaurant coupons that my kids earned this year with Student of the Month.  Going to go to lunch with BFF and my kids.  Not the best blouse for figure flattery, but it's a great color and very comfy/stylish. 

And now I'm done with the dreaded outfit post.  Well.  This turned out to be another tool for me.  I made sure that I dressed decently and accessorized.  I also see 1) that I wear my mom tshirts way.too.much and 2) longer is better, no matter how flirty I feel in the shorter skirts.  Or possibly "short is only for dresses, and not poofy ones". 

Your camera doesn't lie.............. what do YOU need to work on?


  1. Really super in the pink jacket and white skirt. Don't look so busty. I personally like an ample bust line but appreciate that it is a difficult body issue for women who have to dress around them. The pink jacket really helps out with the bust wrap-around issue that you may feel uncomfortable with. I suspect you are more modest than most which is why I mention it.

    The print top in the last photo is a slimmer look in the photo. I'm not much on denim skirts because so many Pentacostals wear them to death at the expense of something more flattering. But I also have tired or the ubiquitous and omnipresent American uniform of blue jeans and tennis shoes for almost everyting. Nice slacks and dress shoes are a simple wayt to dress things up when dining out or going to a movie or even short mall excursions.

    I didn't mean to offend by talking about the bust line, I just know it is a source of sartorial aggravation for many woman who are beyond adequately endowed, especially blouses that pop open at the placket where the buttons and breasts collide. Always a hard fit. Kind of like being a man with a pot gut and the bottons popping at the bulge.

    I also like the yellow and red t's but I am a bust guy. I think it's great that you consider wearing something at home for your husband's pleasure that you may not wear in public. Public modesty mixed with private "immodesty." Good for you.

    1. LOL. Don't worry about it. Most of these clothes aren't even in circulation anymore. (The pink "jacket" was a button down shirt btw - it shrank after I made it. Dang polished cotton - I didn't know it took multiple washes to get all the sizing out).

      I love my denim skirts, but I don't like that one particularly well, I don't like the silhouette.

      I don't wear pants unless I have the Plague and am wearing flannel nightgown, robe, three pair of socks, and huddled under the covers shivering. I wear shorts sometimes. I suppose if we take up camping and I thin down rather a lot I might make up some slacks, but I don't like pants much and they don't like me back.


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