Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jade Green Unreason

Everyone has a color that they're unreasonable about, or a texture, a flavor... something. 

Mine is jade green.  Someday I'm going to buy a snake because it's jade green.  I don't want to own a snake...

A million years ago, I bought a pile of jade green fabric.  I'd never have bought it if it were navy or ivory or coral - but in jade?  How could I resist!  It's a gauze, has to be lined, shifts around... but I love it, because it's jade green. 

My mark 1, the first properly fitted blouse - what did I choose to make it up?  My jade green fabric!  I did very good work, but it still shifted around, because it's gauze. 

Oh well, it's still lovely - if nothing else, because I worked my fingers to the bone making it craft, not just object.

This is the INSIDE of the blouse.  Because you know something is well made when the inside is fit to be seen.  :)

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