Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fabric Snobbery

I am a huge natural fabrics snob... I very seldom use synthetic fabrics.  I thought I was at the extreme end of the fabric snob line - turns out that's quite untrue. 

Linking a couple of articles from the Dreamstress (who should get her own link on the sidebar, for sheer coolness):
I thought the discussion about the short-term utility of synthetic fabrics was very interesting.  I think it's absolutely disgusting, the way we waste resources.  It's one thing to use something intelligently - even to use resources somewhat extravagantly... if what you produce will last and be beautiful, useful or both.  But to spray nasty chemicals into our environment, waste perfectly good water and thread... for something that will last less than a year, perhaps only months?  Awful.  And if it's something that can never be truly savored at all?  Even worse.

So then her article on gold-dyed wool was even more fascinating.  Imagine... fewer chemical side effects than a dishwasher and anti-microbial/anti-bacterial/anti-moth/and somewhat flame-retardant... NATURALLY... egads.  The mind boggles.

Always something to think about.......

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