Friday, August 17, 2012

Wardrobe Basic: Denim

All your wardrobe basics should be made as beautifully as possible, should fit as well as possible, and should be items that last!  That means that if you're buying, it's worth spending a bit more money to get quality (make sure that you are getting quality for your money - you don't always) or if you're making your own, that you spend a bit more time on the details.

Today I added a beautiful basic denim skirt to my wardrobe.  It's made off of a pattern I know to be quite flattering.  I'm pleased to announce that I did my own resketching of the pattern pieces - I made the original two-piece skirt into a six-gore skirt.  It's nice - it uses a great deal less fabric, the subtle vertical seams are slimming, and it gives me the option of adding topstitching.

I'm mad for topstitching right now - I find that it adds a very professional touch, and makes your garments look much less homemade. 

I also added ornamental stitching at the hem.  It has some function*  because I find that my homemade denim skirts have an unfortunate tendency to flip up at the edge, and I'm hoping a bit of stitching will hold it down where it belongs.  But you can see the subtle look even on the picture above...

All in all, I'm very pleased  - and I intend to wear this basic for some years to come.

* The function of the topstitching (in addition to beauty) is seam finishing - I flipped the seams under and got rid of any pesky raw edges, so I can be as proud of the inside of my skirt as I am of the outside.

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