Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A pretty dress

Every woman on this earth needs one dress that she can pull off the hanger and *know* that she's going to look great.

Finally.  Finally.  I have a dress like that.

I combined a ready made princess-seamed flirty dress pattern with my own princess sloper (I used my sloper from the waist up, and the dress pattern from the waist down).  All those tears and all that frustration with getting things fit?  Finally.  Finally it's paid off.  I'm really thrilled. 

Properly accessorized with a very fluffy petticoat and a little shrug - I look my best.  I'm comfortable, I feel amazing, it's a very good day.

Someone should PROBABLY keep me out of the fabric store so I don't make fifteen of them! 

Anyway.  Everyone should have a dress that makes them as happy as this dress makes me.

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