Saturday, September 29, 2012

My week of super feminine dress

I had an odd experience on a trip last weekend, so I decided to up my normal girly-dressing to a whole new level.  I also decided to up my normal level of interaction - bump up the smiles, bump up the cheer.  I wanted to see what would happen...

I am definitely not in Oz anymore!  No one freaked out, in fact mostly people were a little bit nicer to me than they usually are.  I got a lot of compliments. 

Day One:  I broke out the girly stops on Tuesday.  Pink skirt.  Petticoat.  Makeup.  Perfume.   The only thing I'm missing for full-out Edwardian glory is a higher neck on my blouse and a corset.  The lady at the bath store said I looked "very fifties" and she loved the color. 

Day Two:  My cute perky dress.  Everyone was very nice.  The man at the shoestore, veryVERY nice.  DH later informed me that my effort to dress-down the dress with my overshirt didn't work at all, and I needed to pick something opaque next time.  Oops....

Day Three:  Everyone, still very nice.  DH isn't wild about this outfit, but I changed before he got home.  LOL.  Show your teeth!

Day Four:  I was told "how cute" my skirt was and how nice and feminine it is.  I gave a big toothy grin to one of the tough guys at kid pickup, and was rewarded by an actual SMILE.  -shocking-
What did I learn?  Well, I learned that 1) the town that freaked me out by being freaked out by me was a anomaly and that 2) people in SoCal like it when you dress femininely and in bright colors.   I also learned that for an introvert like yours truly, it's a real effort to to on high-perk all the time.

Oh, and I learned that I feel awesome when I really turn it out in the morning, much more powerful and focused.

If you want to have people treat you nicely... wearing girly clothes is a good way to get that done. 


  1. I like your toothy grin! Very cute outfits, I think you already know which one is my favorite.

  2. Beautiful outfits! I especially love the first!

  3. I really like your outfits and the top pic is my favorite.. :) Thanks for sharing

  4. I think the pink skirt is very elegant, and also slimming. I would like to find a pattern to make one like that. Dressing femininely certainly changes our approach to daily life.

    1. Thank you for your visit! The skirt is a fairly simple item - I took an out-of-print Vogue skirt with two skirt pieces and a waistband and adjusted it to be a six-gore skirt by doing a bit of math. It's my most-made item, and I find the six-gore is more flattering than the two-gore, as well as being slightly more fabric-frugal.


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