Thursday, September 6, 2012


Steph at 3 hours Past and Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch have both written excellent articles about wardrobing this week ( and and I was inspired to do a little wardrobing of my own.

I've gotten a fairly decent skirt wardrobe at this point - I've only one more skirt to sew up from stash, and it's going to be a workhorse, but also very straight forward.  TNT all the way - beige linen.  So, I pulled the skirts from my closet and took some pictures, to do a little wardrobe planning analysis.  (I also took a picture of my lone "this doesn't match anything" shirt).

Sage/soft cornflower/charcoal/ivory skirt; baby blues skirt, forest green skirt (wool), ivory lace skirt.

Denim skirt (see last post), hot pink skirt, old straight denim skirt, beige skirt (here to represent the next beige skirt - this one is beaten up and I just tossed it), wool plaid in aqua & greys.

The color on this blouse is jade green, not the bluish turquoise it appears on my computer screen. 

I have achieved neutrality with the new denim skirt, the ivory lace skirt, and the beige skirt.  They will go with very nearly everything.  The old denim skirt probably shouldn't be in this pictoral, but it goes with my mom tshirts, so hey.

I was going to go all analysis on you, but just staring at this I can see that in addition to the ivory shirt that I have in my sewing pile, I could dearly use a pale (but bright) blue shirt, a coral/red shirt, a fitted blouse that picks up the aqua in my blue plaid skirt, a light (but bright) green shirt, and a charcoal grey shirt if I can find the right one.  (Grey is a difficult color on me - it has to be just right, or don't bother). 

As for the jade green blouse - the beige skirt will go with it, and I could do with a charcoal grey skirt in my collection ... something that suits my crayon colored sweater collection wouldn't go amiss.  I quite like this shirt, but even though it's made of thin fabrics, they're layerd and it's *warm*.  Plus it looks great with a denim jacket over it... again, warm warm warm. 

So.  I need something pink-coral, something blue, something perfectly aqua, a light green, and some charcoal... in shirts, with stash sewing (beige) and charcoal for my skirt needs. 

I think this calls for a pinterest board.  :)

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