Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Two: Suit Adventures

Today I marked the hem on my ivory skirt, said "eep" because I'd made it a twitch too tight, and went to the fabric store for materials for my wearable muslin version of the Starlet Suit Jacket. 

I like this bright green - it will go with most of my skirts (or at least clash usefully) and it's a good color on yours truly.  The buttons are a warm silver - it reflects silver if you're wearing silver and looks warm if you're wearing gold (I held it up to other buttons at the store).  The lining will be ivory, straight from the remnants pile.  (The local chain has a ridiculously large remnant section, which I surf through regularly - it's well worth my time).

This is a picture of my hands putting in my waist stay on the ivory skirt (which turned out to be totally redundant).  It was a pretty picture and showed off one of the things I enjoy about the sewing process, which is just chilling out of an evening with something useful in my hands. (BTW:  It's tricky to take a picture of your own hands).

Yes, I have white ribbon, but I like pink and ivory together... and no one will be able to see the ribbon on the inside of my waistband, so it's really just my eyes that need to be pleased by this sewing.  I even used lavender thread.  Because I could.  It makes me happy, so why not?

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