Sunday, October 28, 2012

I FINISHED IT: The starlet suit jacket a la Gertie

I finished it!  I was so sick of this thing by the time I was done... and at the same time I'm really looking forward to wearing it.  Of course it's about 80 outside this week... not such great weather for twill jackets.
It was so sunny in my living room that I had to go take this picture in the patio - decidedly unlovely, but at least not overexposed or fuzzy from being too well lit. 

Gratuitous lining shot. 

You know, it's not perfect, and that bums me out a little bit.  I really was very finger sore by the time I'd finished the sewing - cotton twill is not a kind fabric to push a needle through by hand and I didn't do the best job with the last few little bits and bobs.  I can go back and correct them.  But this was never meant as a be all, end all jacket.  This is my experiment.  In about a week, I'll put up a bunch of photos and let you pick on my fitting mistakes and other errors - I want to catch every last one of them before I cut into my beautiful red wool. 

This will, however, go with any number of things in my current wardrobe.  It's a great color on me, and can be worn open, closed, and with or without a shirt underneath. 

But DUDE.  This is awesome.  I made a jacket!  ME!  Pretty exciting stuff, you know?

In the meantime, totally ignore everything I said about quilting cotton... I needed some instant gratification and palette cleansing.  8yo is getting a bunch of new dresses.  But that, I shall save for another day............... bon voyage, my pretties!

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  1. It looks amazing on you. Way to go, I love the color too.


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