Monday, October 8, 2012

Starlet Suit Jacket a la Gertie

I signed up for Gertie's Starlet Suit Jacket class on Craftsy this Spring.  I took one look at the ultra-feminine suit and fell in love. (The images from pinterest won't upload directly, so just take a look if you are interested).

There is nothing about a nipped-waist, full skirted, fitted suit with 3/4 sleeves that *isn't* totally me. 

I had the opportunity to participate in a Garment District bus tour... and so I went up to LA and picked up the sexiest silk charmeuse lining (the pink) and a geranium colored wool melton for the jacket itself - along with all the tailoring goodies.  ( 

I have been looking forward to taking this course because I want to learn to hand-tailor - I also have fabric for a full-length wool coat in my stash that needs sewing up (and I need a good coat!). 

I spent this morning surfing the web and reading the reviews... and oh dear.  They aren't that great.  I'll have to use some of my other books and resources to pad out the craftsy instructions, from the sound of things. 

But that's okay.  It did tell me one thing - I'm going to need to not only make a fitting muslin (which should be straightforward, with all the work I did on my princess sloper) but a wearable muslin.  That means I'm going to need to find some inexpensive fabric to make a sample with, so I can see what works and doesn't - IRL.  After the fiasco with my buttondown blouse ( I know that sometimes the finishing details change "great fit" to "what happened here".    So I'll be making the fusible interfaced version in a cotton (?) and trying to figure out what sort of little jacket is desperately needed in my wardrobe.

I have a basic ivory skirt to put the finishing touches on today (after I do my chores) and then I'm off to the muslining process.  

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