Sunday, November 4, 2012

Four Little Dresses, All in a Row

Remember last week, when I said that one of the things that quilting cotton *is* good for, is children's clothing?

I needed a palate cleanser, after working for a month so slowly and carefully on my jacket.  Fussing and bussing and muddling through.  So this week I tried to add some cuter options to my 8yo's closet.  Now, if only she'll choose to wear them!

Hanging next to one another, presumably you can tell that theyr'e all made from one pattern.  Hopefully that's not quite so obvious when she wears them to school.  I used different trim and different trimming methods on each dress.  Lots of bows and butterflies.  She was so happy last week when I was cutting this out - "are those for me?"  (Because I wear a lot of butterflies, lol). 

I hope she wears them and enjoys them.... she is pretty solidly behind the leggings and tunic brigade, and I get so tired of seeing the sloppy.

Even little girls should be lovely............

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