Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lounging Tank

I have been looking all over tarnation for a pattern for a shirt that looks decent with or without a bra.  Yes, of course I want to look put-together on a daily basis - I also want to look decent first thing in the morning or late in the evening. 

I've had this camisole pattern for ages - it's from Folkwear - but I've done some pretty substantial changes (eliminated the waist gather, eliminated the buttons, moved the pintucks).   Since I wanted a shirt, not a cami, I went a step further and lengthened the hem substantially, front and back.

I had a lot of fun with embellishments.  Yes, I'm girly and I'm proud.  And I have a fancy schmancy sewing machine!

I started this shirt around noon and was done - including the pretties - by 4pm.    I'll be making a dress-length version in the very near future to fill a wardrobe hole - something to wear around the house after a bath.

The fabric was from the remnants pile at my favorite fabric store.  It's a quilting ish cotton, but seems a bit softer than traditional quilting cotton.  I don't much care for the beading lace, it's a little stiff and ravelly. 

Details first:

Pintucks!  Embroidery!  Ribbons!  Lace!  Yes, you *have* entered the girly zone.  :)

And now on moi.

It's cute, yes?  And very comfy.  :)

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