Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seasonal Colors

I've spent some time this evening expanding the seasonal color boards on my pinterest site.  They're not complete (of course!) but you should certainly be able to determine the mood or "feel" of the seasons.  (See the sidebar to your right for links).

Talking to folks, I find that not everyone has the emotional relationship to color that I have, so this may or may not be helpful - but use it for what you can.

Autumn:  Earth.  You want to think nature, nature, nature.  Muted, textured, woodsy, the colors of the harvest.  Feel:  NATURAL.  Tea dying?  Yes.  Dyes made from pounded beet root?  Probably.  Leather and fur and wood?  Yes, yes, yes.

Summer:  Watercolor season.   Cold, muted - sometimes vibrant, but more often misted.  Very classic.  Navy and wine and just a bit off white. 

Spring:  Floral.  Clear, warm - delicate colors, often very specific colors.  Spring colors must have life.

Winter:  Extreme.  Intense.  The darkest darks, the brightest jewels, the whitest of white - and nothing at all in between.  Snow White... lips of blood on skin as white as snow, with hair as dark as a raven's wing...

Hope this helps - and hope, more to the point, that the expanded pinterest palettes are useful.

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